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Sales and Leadership Coach, Senior Partner

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12 Years of Experience in Sales

Francine is an extrovert and contagiously optimistic. She believes leaders are not born, they are coached. She believes everyone has greatness in them, and when they are given the right atmosphere and support, and have the willingness to learn, stretch, and change, there will be no limitations to what they can do! She is a certified Solutions-Focused Life Coach with a niche in parenting, marriage, overcoming crisis, and more.

Inspire and Empower

Her favorite part of coaching is seeing others inspired and empowered to live the life they were created to live. She believes coaching is not only vital, but essential in discovering the true capacity for success that is inside everyone.

A Few Highlights

Personally recruited, trained, managed, and motivated over 180 sales reps to sell effectively in a direct-sales environment

Founded and managed a successful nonprofit organization that experienced rapid growth and creates a powerful national impact

Promoted to the top .1% of the company with 40,000 other sales associates

Something to Think About

Francine is the mother of three amazing children. She loves college football, old movies, superheroes, and enjoys the high-paced lifestyle of the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.