Elite-Level Sales and Leadership Coach, Partner

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Elite-Level Sales and Leadership Coach, Partner

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Over 15 Years of Sales Experience

Gena draws her management and coaching experience from her time spent as a corporate recruiter and salesperson with Southwestern’s oldest and most recognized company, Southwestern Advantage. This is where Gena realized the value of schedule, habits, leading by example, and never asking anyone to do anything you’re not willing to do.

A Career in Sales

After working with college interns in Southwestern Advantage’s program for six years, Gena had the desire to work with salespeople who wanted to be “sales professionals”. She wanted to work with people who had chosen to make sales their career. Naturally, Gena teamed up with Southwestern Consulting, and since January 2012 she has been training and coaching sales managers and their sales teams across the country.

A Few Highlights

First teamed up with Southwestern Family of Companies over 13 years ago as a part of the summer sales program at Southwestern Advantage in 2006

Master of lead generation and prospecting having helped develop 15 new markets for Southwestern over a period of eight years

Continued to be ranked in the top 5% of the company over the next six years

Something to Think About

She is an example that no matter what you’re selling, where you’re selling, or how new you are to your market: good habits, a good schedule, and time-tested principles equal success.