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Sales and Leadership Coach

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Over 11 Years of Sales Experience

Jamie is a professional sales consultant and speaker who has trained thousands of sales professionals from all across the globe. He has made over 50,000 cold calls and finished in the top 1% in a company of 5,000 to 8,000 salespeople year after year. He sits on advisory boards for top-producing organizations and has consulted companies in five countries.

Innate Drive

Jamie’s experience is vast, but what sets him apart is his innate drive to exceed expectations. He’s an expert in helping people realize their potential and boldly deliver it to the world. He is just as passionate about affecting positive change throughout the world as he is about affecting positive change here at home.

A Few Highlights

Served on advisory boards for top-producing sales organizations

Founder of the Belize Academy of Excellence (nonprofit school)

#1 sales ranking in #3 Fortune 500 Company

Something to Think About

Jamie has a passion for serving and truly connecting with people from all parts of the world. His taste of adventure began in Airborne School on his way to be the famed 101st Airborne Division. He’s a true eagle in every organization he has been a part of.