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Sales and Leadership Coach

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Building People

With 20+ years of experience in sales, coaching, training, and public speaking, Kerri knows how to inspire and guide people to reach new levels of excellence. She believes in continuous improvement and that the best times are always ahead of us. She also knows that when the focus is to truly serve others and impact the world in a positive and meaningful way, success always follows. Her personal mission is to help others see and realize their own untapped potential.

Growing Experience and Responsibility

Kerri started in sales as a college intern with Southwestern Advantage. Over time, her career grew in scope and responsibility through financial services, insurance, and state government. Just prior to joining Southwestern Consulting, she served as the Director of Talent Development for a 40,000+ employee enterprise.

A Few Highlights

Top producer and award winner in sales

Experience with large-scale change initiatives

CPLP ® (Certified Professional in Learning and Performance)

Something to Think About

As a former collegiate athlete, Kerri decided to give back to her local community by starting a volleyball club that was more financially accessible than other options in the area, which has grown into a well-respected team of coaches and volunteers. She and her family also own and operate a hay and cattle farm in rural Missouri.