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Sales and Leadership Coach

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Over 10 Years of Sales Experience

As an experienced coach, trainer, and speaker, Mykal has worked with hundreds of individuals to inspire the spark that fans the flames of their fullest potential. She believes that talk is cheap. And “advice” for the sake of giving advice doesn’t hold a candle to that of those who, themselves, are willing to walk into the fire and endure that heat. 

Servant Leader

She believes that in order to serve others as best she possibly can, that she too, must be willing to stretch and press through the temporary discomfort of change.

A Few Highlights

11-time winner of Sales Trophy, three-time Fat Head recipient (each FH representing most revenue generated across an entire quarter)

“Double recruit” at LinkedIn; as simultaneously, she was pursued by and extended offers from two different sales teams

First ever sales instructor tapped to lead the sales track for Infor’s GenOne Program

Something to Think About

Mykal is a lover of books, animals, and powerful thunderstorms. She thinks Riverdancing is completely fascinating. She is Mom to one (frustratingly) sage teenage daughter and a lopsided little dog named Muggles.