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Over 9 Years of Sales Experience

Sonata began her sales career with Southwestern Advantage while being a second-year student at Vilnius University. Five summers in a row, she relocated to the US and Canada to sell educational books and software door-to-door 80 hours a week on straight commission. During this time, Sonata cultivated the key sales principles of self-discipline, goal-setting, a positive attitude, overcoming fears, and working the daily grind. She finished her first year being the number-one salesperson in Lithuania, and constantly improved and won growth awards in the following years.

Custom Business Creator

Building on her career, she relocated from Lithuania to Zurich to sell custom clothing for business executives. She built a market from almost zero to a highly profitable market with a strong retention client base (80% of the clients bought again) by working referrals, cold calling, and building relationships with high-level executives in Switzerland at companies like Baker and Mckenzie, EY, PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, Credit Suisse, UBS, Zurich Insurance, ABB, Johnson & Johnson, Swiss Re, and more.

A Few Highlights

Recruited, trained, managed, and motivated first-year salespeople for direct sales before and during sales period at Southwestern Advantage

Ranked number-one first-year salesperson in Lithuania at Southwestern Advantage in 2011

Built up the Zurich market for LGFG, which became one of the most profitable markets

Something to Think About

Sonata is a huge fan of the outdoors—especially mountains—and loves hiking, cycling, horse riding in the warm season, and snowboarding in the winter. She enjoys taking care of plants and cooking with fresh ingredients. She loves to travel the world and see different cultures and people.